Catch up

Well well well. Look who couldn't stay away from the blogging world? It has been about 6 months since I called it quits from averlylives. And since then I have been writing more in my notebooks and in my purge word doc on my computer...even an attempt at an anonymous blog. But there's nothing more motivating than putting out content on a platform that holds me accountable for it. For now, I'll keep this on a discreet tab. And if you're reading this, I guess this can be our little secret for a little while. 

What have I been up to?

Seems like very little...yet quite a lot. Postgrad life is exactly like what "they" say. At least my version of it.  A lot of reluctant growing up. A lot of reality checks. A lot of "I don't know...."s. 

But let's see...

I took a full-time job offer that began quite literally after I graduated thinking it was what I wanted to do for at least a little bit. It was truly a wonderful experience meeting people who had in mind similar paths and working with our clients was humbling. I learned a lot. But something wasn't there. I couldn't see myself doing it past the summer. And in this specific line of work, it would be very irresponsible/ frowned upon if I were to leave mid-year. And so at the end of summer, I quit. I quit in the pursuit of finding a career that focused on writing. I decided to give myself a chance to commit to making that a career before I choose what I study when I go back to school.

So...where am I at now?

3 months post-summer job, I'm attempting to pave my own footing into the freelance writing world while working as a barista. Claaaassic, right? I'm also on the constant hunt to find a full-time writing job/a job that lets me write in general as well, which is a tough and spirit whacking process, let me tell ya. It's fine, I'm fine. I've had two very close opportunities which I see now as growing experiences. A boost in confidence that I am a strong candidate. And anything I'm doing now is exactly what I need under my belt to finally get past the threshold.

Seattle for good then?

For now, it seems like it. I used to be very steady in my reasonings of how I am going to stay hereBut as I've said goodbye to a few of my friends the past few months, I realize it is okay to leave if something calls for me elsewhere. 

Welp, that's it for now.